As a pioneer in film festivals, Alliance Française de Hong Kong has screened over 1,600 acclaimed French films since 1953. The 50th edition will continue to bring the latest and the best of French Cinema to Hong Kong film lovers.

香港法國文化協會作為香港電影節的先鋒,自1953 年起已在香港已展映超過一千六百部法國電 影。第五十屆電影節將繼續為香港觀眾帶來最新、最經典的法國電影。

How Did It Start? 源起

Alliance Française de Hong Kong is committed to the promotion of French cinema since its establishment in 1953, the same year it organized the first French Film Festival. That edition was the pioneer in Hong Kong, making it the oldest film festival in the city. Since then, the festival has always brought the latest films to Hong Kong.

自1953 年創立至今,香港法國文化協會一直透過法國電影節堅負推展法國電影的重任。在同一 年,法協舉辦了第一屆法國電影節,是香港電影節的先驅,亦因此是香港歷史最悠久的電影節。

More Than 50 Editions of the Festival 超過五十屆電影節

Since 1972, in collaboration with the LCSD, the festival has become a regular annual event. The festival has screened more than 1,600 French films, attracted a wide range of audiences from cinema lovers to the general public, including some Hong Kong artists and directors who had their first exposure to French cinema at the festival.

自1972 年起,香港法國電影節與康樂及文化事務署合作,成為每年舉行的年度電影盛事。香港 法國電影節至今已放映了過一千六百齣法國電影及紀錄片,由電影發燒友到普羅大眾,吸引了廣 泛的觀眾入場觀賞,當中更包括一些透過本電影節首次接觸法國電影的香港藝人及導演。

Dynamism, Diversity and Quality 充滿活力、多元化及高質素

The festival always promotes and accompanies the evolution of French cinema, from the prominent and influential new wave period to today’s latest films. Each festival is a new challenge for the team to bring you the continuing renewal and invigorating diversity of French cinema, from first works to multi-awarded movies, making the programme accessible and truly representative of what French cinema is today.

每一屆的電影節對我們來說都充滿挑戰。從新晉導演的高質素首作到榮獲多個獎項的電影,電影 節為香港大眾搜羅獨特豐富的法國電影,讓大家能輕易欣賞真正代表法國電影的精彩作品。

The Organizations Behind the Festival 電影節背後的機構

The festival is passionately created and presented by Alliance Française de Hong Kong, the city’s French language and cultural centre since 1953. Nonetheless, the festival wouldn’t be a success without the support of many other organizations, such as the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, UniFrance, French Consulate, local theaters, film distributors, sponsors and many other partners.

由香港法國文化協會開創及主辦,電影節的成功亦有賴多個機構的支持,包括康樂及文化事務署、法國電影聯盟、法國領事館, 本地電影院、電影發行商、贊助商及其他的多個合作夥伴。

3 Centres: Wanchai, Jordan, Shatin

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超過68 年的法語教學經驗

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