The Edge of the Blade: A Film By Vincent Perez

Vincent Perez is a Swiss actor, director and photographer. He played the title character, Ashe Corven, in The Crow: City of Angels, and starred in Queen of the Damned, playing Marius de Romanus. Some of his films in French cinema include Cyrano de Bergerac,

Le Bossu, La Reine Margot and Indochine. He just achieved The Edge of the Blade (2023) that he will present during the Festival.

瑞士演員、導演兼攝影師 Vincent Perez 曾在電影《魔誡追緝令》(The Crow: City of Angels)中 飾 演 Ashe Corven 、《 屍 纏 妖 后 》(Queen of the Damned)中 演 繹 Marius de Romanus 一角 。他亦曾參與多部法國電影的演出,如《大鼻子情聖》(Cyrano de Bergerac)、《駝子》(Le Bossu)、《瑪歌往后》(La Reine Margot)和《情證今生》(Indochine)。他將在電影節其間親自介紹他的新作《劍走偏鋒》(The Edge of the Blade)。

Cinema Sessions
Thu, Nov 23rd, 7:15 PM | Premiere Elements (KOWLOON)
Post-Q&A in the presence of Vincent Perez and Karine Silla

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