Terms and Conditions

STREAMING Terms & Conditions

Online Content Streaming Condittions

Access to content can vary according to rental periods, and physical location (geolocking).

Please note the following content restrictions before purchasing content.

Content being purchased will warn of possible restrictions to viewing access based on where you are attempting to purchase from.  For best experience, purchase from where you intent to watch content.

Each purchase is entitled to one stream per film, for one customer only and not transferable. And yes, you can pause content for breaks, just be aware that you have 6 hours in total to complete watching.

Content Ratings

Film content is usually rated according to film and literature censorship guidelines provided by the Office of Film, Newspaper and Article Administration of Hong Kong, please check classification for details: https://www.cedb.gov.hk/ccib/eng/film/film_1.htm

Hong Kong has a film classification system under which films are classified into one of the following categories:

Category I

suitable for all ages

Category IIA

not suitable for children

Category IIB

not suitable for young persons and children

Category III

for persons aged 18 or above only

Purchasing a movie

An online account must be created before purchase and your purchased content will be available in your account during the duration of the online festival. Once you have paid for your movie or pass, tickets are automatically emailed along with your receipt after purchase. 

We accept credit card payments, transactions will be made on stripe platform. 

Please be aware that all online transactions will incur a small transaction fee, charged by the payment gateway Stripe.  

Purchasing a Pass

All passes information are available on hkfrenchfilmfestival.com/online-ticketing 

When purchasing a pass, you will receive a code to be used on your preferred films. Apply the code to each film of your choice. 

Should you buy any of the festival picks passes, movies will be pre-selected for you.

Promo code

If you have a promo code, enter it on the film page to access special pricing. 


Alliance Francaise member/ student concession rate

All AF students and AF membership card holders will be provided with exclusive discounts codes to receive a 20% discount on all online programs.

Refunds & exchange

Please check your sessions, times, passes are correct prior to payment as there are no refunds or exchange on any item sold. 


Exclusive Cinephile Offer with La Cabane

Cinephiles who have purchased an online movie ticket and/or a movie pass via hkfrenchfilmfestival.com are invited to enjoy an exclusive Wine & Cheese offer at La Cabane Wine Bistro (dine-in) and Cellar (takeaway) from 28 November until 18 December 2020 upon presentation of their online receipt. To learn more about this offer please visit La Cabane website and social media at https://lacabane.hk/pages/happenings


All donations made to Hong Kong French Film festival will help sustain the festival mission and commitment to cross-promoting cultural heritage. The organisation behind the festival, Alliance Francaise Hong Kong, is a non-profit and charitable organisation in Hong Kong. 





CINEMA TICKETING Terms & Conditions

You can start booking your cinema tickets for the The Hong Kong French Film Festival from Wednesday 28 October, 2020. 

The Hong Kong French Film Festival will be hosted in cinemas from November 25, 2020 until December 15, 2020.

Alliance Francaise member/ student or a Broadway Cinematheque VIP member concession

Discount for Alliance Française membership cardholders and Broadway Cinematheque VIP members is not available for internet booking and credit card telephone booking 香港法國文化協會會員卡持有人及百老匯電影中心VIP 會員優惠不適用於網上購票及信用卡電話購票。

You may go directly to the cinema counter of your choice to book your seats.

Cancellations & Refunds 

Tickets sold through any channels are usually non-refundable, non-exchangeable and cannot be resold. Please do refer to our cinema partners website to learn more about their terms and conditions/ weather forecast policy.





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