We offer free screenings for students during the Retrospective! All 3 school sessions will be at 2pm, at Hong Kong City Hall theatre.

12 November, Tuesday: Jules et Jim.
No post-screening talk.

13 November, Wednesday: Paris belongs to us. 
With post-screening talk about the background of the director Jacques Rivette and the importance of the French New Wave.

14 November, Thursday: The 400 Blows .
With post-screening talk moderated by french film expert Arnaud Lanuque. Post talk about: “From 1958 to the end of the 60ies, the French film industry saw a new generation of filmmakers appear. Dubbed the New Wave, they changed deeply the way the french film industry worked and the perception of French cinema internationally. At the end of the 70ies to the early 80ies, Hong Kong also saw its own new wave of filmmakers. We'll have a look at the parallels but also the differences between French and Hong Kong new waves.”  

Interested parties, school representatives please contact or call 2823 4917 for admission information. 


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