Outreach Programme

The Hong Kong French Film Festival is not simply about movie appreciation: it seeks to promote public engagement to create positive impacts on the community.

The future depends on us and especially our youngsters. We are in the midst of an environmental crisis, risking having the world uninhabitable within 50 years. In this regard, we have curated a new series, namely Cinema for the Climate, dedicated to raising public awareness of such an alerting phenomenon. Specifically, we take this valuable opportunity to connect with our youngsters through an outreach programme at the Hong Kong City Hall.

This programme includes one of our most ambitious attempts to collaborate with Greenpeace East Asia in the co-curation of a post-screening activity on Dec 3, dedicated to the screening of Animal in the afternoon. Schools are cordially invited to take part in this meaningful event by having teachers group students from their classes to join us at a discussion with one of the city’s most famous environmental veterans. For details, please contact bcheung@afhongkong.org


世界的未來由我們尤其是年輕一代譜寫。正經歷氣候變化危機的地球,很可能 50 年內不再適合人類居住。故我們為本年度電影節搜羅一系列「氣候變化實錄」紀錄片,意指提高公眾對環境侵害等議題之認識。透過這次寶貴的機會,我們將於香港大會堂舉辦外展活動,以加強與年輕人的聯繫。


Starting from November 1, except for exempted persons, all persons will be required to use "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile application to scan the venue QR code before they are allowed to enter the Hong Kong City Hall (HKCH).

由 11 月 1 日起,除獲豁免人士外,所有人士必須使用「安心出行」流動應用程式掃描場所二維碼,才獲准進入香港大會堂。


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