Fever Dreams: The Cinema of Claire Denis co-presented with M+
We are thrilled to co-present ‘Fever Dreams: The Cinema of Claire Denis’ with M+, the first global museum of contemporary visual culture in Asia, as part of M+ Cinema’s Autumn 2022 screening programme. This focus programme celebrates the illustrious career of French filmmaker Claire Denis. In the past thirty years and through her rich body of work, Denis’s films have delved into the mystifying desires of the human heart and the ubiquitous impact of colonialism. Her elliptical storytelling and mood-inducing images evoke our innermost primal instincts and reveal marks left on the human psyche by sociocultural developments. Whether portraying the unadulterated beauty of human connection in Chocolat (1988) and 35 Shots of Rum (2008) or grappling with our destructive tendencies in Bastards (2013) and Trouble Every Day (2001), Denis takes audiences to places where few filmmakers would dare.

Claire Denis (b. 1946, France) began her career working on set in Dusan Makavejev’s Sweet Movie (1974). Her years working alongside Wim Wenders and Jim Jarmusch were crucial to her growth as a filmmaker before she directed her debut Chocolat (1988). Her next films I Can’t Sleep (1994) and Nénette et Boni (1996) interweave narratives inspired by the urban culture of Paris. Denis’s elliptical narrative and visual style received widespread acclaim with Beau Travail (1999) while Trouble Every Day (2001) made a shocking presentation in which Denis, regarded as an arthouse director, turned to the horror genre. The 2000s were significant for her career, which saw the release of Friday Night (2002), 35 Shots of Rum (2008), and White Material (2009). In 2022, Both Sides of the Blade and Stars at Noon won prizes at the Berlinale and Cannes respectively. Working closely with her longtime collaborators, such as cinematographer Agnès Godard and the rock band Tindersticks, Denis has contributed a diverse body of work to contemporary cinema.

熾夢人間:克麗雅丹妮回顧展 ——與M+聯合呈獻

「熾夢人間:克麗雅丹妮回顧展」由香港法國文化協會與亞洲首間全球性視覺文化博物館M+聯合呈獻,作為M+戲院2022年秋季節目其中一個主題重點。回顧展將聚焦法國導演克麗雅丹妮傑出的創作生涯。過去三十多年,丹妮的作品題材一直豐富多元,深探人類內心的不明慾望和殖民主義無遠弗屆的影響。 她電影中點到即止的敘事、挑動情緒的影像, 常觸發觀眾最本能的直覺回應,同時揭示社會文化發展在心靈深處留下的印記。無論是刻畫人心聯繋之純美的《巧克力》(1988)與《巴黎日和》(2008),或是檢視人類破壞慾的《仇人的情婦》(2013)和《血盤大口》(2001),丹妮的電影總能帶觀眾進入其他電影人未敢涉足的禁地。

克麗雅丹妮(1946 年生於法國),職業生涯始 於杜尚馬卡維耶夫《甜蜜電影》(1974)的片場。 其後她數度與雲溫達斯和占渣木殊共事,獲益 匪淺,直到 1988 年個人導演處女作《巧克力》 問世。其後兩部長片《不眠夜》(1994)和《兄兄妹妹》(1996)探索了巴黎的都市文化;《軍中禁戀》(1999)中丹妮省略的敘事和獨特的 影像風格在國際影壇備受矚目,而《血盤大口》 (2001)則打破雅俗界線,以恐怖片模式作出種 種慾望與情感的思考。進入千禧年後她佳作迭 出,如《荒唐週五夜》(2002)、巴黎日和》 (2008)及《白鬼》(2009)。今年上映的《心身雙刃》與《正午之星》分別獲得柏林 影展最佳導演獎和康城影展評審團大獎。丹妮 帶領她長期合作的創作夥伴 — 如攝影師艾麗 絲高達和搖滾樂隊 Tindersticks — 屢屢奉上不 容忽視的當代電影佳作。

Co-presented by Alliance Française de Hong Kong and M+ Cinema


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