[POSTPONED] Special Screenings at AFHK Jordan Centre

Special Announcement 特別通知

According to the latest Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) Regulation by Hong Kong Government, we regret that the screenings of Hong Kong French Film Festival from December 2 to 15 will be cancelled. The festival organizer is trying to postpone the affected screenings in the near future with Broadway Circuit. Please stay tuned with the festival website and social media channels for more updates. 

Concerning the affected screenings at Jordan Centre, the festival organizer is trying to postpone the screening to January. Confirmed screening date will be communicated to you through email soon. 
Please stay tuned with the festival website and social media channels for more updates.  


HKFFF has specially picked 4 films for exclusive screenings at AF Jordan Centre. With diverse genres and themes, HKFFF is excited to present Two of Us (Deux)Camille (Camille)Papicha (Papicha) and Looking For Gilles Caron (Histoire d'un regard). Post-screening live Q&A session will be held for particular screenings.

第49屆香港法國電影節的影片類別及主題多元兼具啟發性,電影節精心挑選4套影片在法國文化協會佐敦中心獨家放映,包括《我們倆》(Deux)、《卡米爾》(Camille)、《女孩要革命》(Papicha) 和《一個目擊者的故事》(Histoire d'un regard),部分場次另設映後座談會。

Venue: Alliance Francaise Jordan Centre - Mediatheque
地點: 法國文化協會佐敦中心 – 多媒體圖書館

Ticket price: $50 for public; 20% off for AF members
票價:$50 (公眾人士);法協會員可享八折優惠
* AF members must bring along their membership cards to the event. 法協會員必需出示會員證。

Screening Schedule 放映時間

Two of Us (Deux)《我們倆》
Dec 2 (Wed), 7:30pm 12
2 () 19:30 (new schedule to be annoucned)
With Post-Screening Q&A Live Session 設映後談
Guest: Abby Lee Betty Grisoni, co-founders of Qlove

2020 | 96 min | Dramatic Comedy 温馨劇情片

Colour 彩色 | France, Luxembourg, Belgium 法國,盧森堡,比利時

In French with English subtitles法語對白,英文字幕


Director 導演:Filippo Meneghetti

Cast 演員:Barbara Sukowa, Martine Chevallier, Léa Drucker


Nina and Madeleine, two retired women, have been secretly deeply in love for decades. From everybody’s point of view, including Madeleine’s family, they are simply neighbours living on the top floor of their building. They come and go between their two apartments, sharing the tender delights of everyday life together. Until the day their relationship is turned upside down by an unexpected event leading Madeleine’s daughter to slowly unveil the truth about them.




Official Selection (2 Awards) – Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers,2020

2020 年昂熱電影節 — 得獎電影(兩個獎項)

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Camille (Camille)《卡米爾》
Dec 4 (Fri), 7:30pm 124 () 19:30 (new schedule to be annoucned)
With Post-Screening Q&A Live Session 設映後談
Guest: Boris Lojkine, The Director of Camille; Philippe Massonnet, Agence France-Presse Asia Pacific Regional Director


2019 | 90 min | Drama 劇情片

Colour 彩色 | France 法國

In French with English subtitles法語對白,英文字幕


Director 導演:Boris Lojkine

Cast 演員:Nina Meurisse, Fiacre Bindala, Bruno Todeschini


This is the true and dramatic story of Camille, a young idealistic photojournalist, who goes to the Central African Republic to cover the civil war that is brewing up. She gets there to live her two passions: photography and Africa. However, she slowly loses control of the situation and cannot see the danger grow for herself. The tension rises until concluding the fate of the young journalist.




Most Promising Actress: Nina Meurisse – Cesar Awards, French Film Industry Awards, 2020

Piazza Grande – Locarno Film Festival, 2019

2020 年法國電影工業獎 — 凱撒獎:最具潛質女演員:Nina Meurisse

2019 年瑞士盧卡諾影展 — 大廣場單元

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Papicha (Papicha)《女孩要革命》
Dec 7 (Mon), 7:30pm 12
7 () 19:30 (new schedule to be announced)


2019 | 105 min | Dramatic Comedy 温馨劇情片

Colour 彩色 | France, Algeria, Belgium 法國,阿爾及利亞,比利時

In Arabic and in French with English subtitles 亞拉伯語及法語對白,英文字幕


Director 導演:Mounia Meddour

Cast 演員:Lyna Khoudri, Shirine Boutella, Amira Hilda Douaouda


Algeria, the 1990s. Nedjma, an 18-year-old student passionate about fashion design refuses to let the tragic events of the Algerian Civil War to keep her from experiencing a normal life and going out at night with her friend Wassila. As the social climate becomes more conservative, she rejects the new bans set by the radicals and decides to fight for her freedom and independence by putting up a fashion show.


1990 年代的亞爾及利亞。18 歲的學生Nedjma 熱衷於時裝設計,她不願意讓亞爾及利亞悲慘的內戰影響自己過正常的生活以及和老友晚上出外玩樂的時光。隨着社會政治環境變得愈來愈保守,她拒絕接受國家激進派訂定的新禁令,為了掙取自由和獨立她決定舉辦亞爾及利亞有史以來的第一場時裝表演。


Best First Feature & Most Promising Actress: Lyna Khoudri – Cesar Awards, French Film Industry Awards, 2020

2020 年法國電影工業獎 — 凱撒獎:最佳首部長片及最具潛質女演員:Lyna Knoudri

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Looking for Gilles Caron (Histoire d’un regard)《一個目擊者的故事》
Dec 10 (Thu), 7:30pm 12
10 () 19:30 (new schedule to be announced)
Guest: Anthony Wallace, Agence France-Presse's Hong Kong Bureau chief photographer; Vanessa Franklin & Xavier Mahe, co-founders of Boogie Woogie Photography


2020 | 93 min | Documentary 紀錄片

Colour 彩色 | France 法國

In French with English subtitles 法語對白,英文字幕


Director 導演:Mariana Otero


Gilles Caron was at the height of his career as a brilliant photojournalist when he went missing in Cambodia in 1970. He was just 30 years old. Through his iconic photographs, and the gaps between them, this film, constructed like an investigation, aims to restore the photographer’s presence, recount the story of his gaze, and how he managed to cover every high profile conflict of his day in such a short period of time.


1970 年,攝影記者吉勒.卡宏在柬浦寨失縱時正處於事業的巔峰。那一年他剛滿30 歲。本片的情節如進行調查一樣,旨在透過他所拍攝的一些具標致性的照片以及照片與照片之間的時間差距來重塑這位紀實攝影記者的身影,重新講述他曾目擊過的故事,以及在他生前,他是如何在如此短的時間內報導這麼多重大的衝突事件。

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