Love on the Run 愛情逃跑

L’Amour en fuite

23/11 HK Arts Centre 
27/11 HK Film Archive

Romantic Comdey 浪漫喜劇


1979 • Color 彩色 • 94 min

France 法國

Director 導演 : François Truffaut 杜魯福

Cast演員: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Marie-France Pisier, Claude Jade


In the previous Antoine Doinel film, Bed and Board, the marriage between Antoine (Jean-Pierre

Léaud) and Christine (Claude Jade) had survived Antoine’s infidelity. Love on the Run is set eight years later

when Antoine is over thirty. After a troubled marriage of five years, Antoine and Christine Doinel divorce amicably at court. His former sweetheart and presently lawyer, Colette Tazzi, sees Antoine leaving court. When Antoine goes with Alphonse to the train station he sees Colette on another train, and he jumps from the platform to the train and travels with her. On board the train together, they recall their young love and disclose their sentimental relationships; but when Colette tells how she raises money for her self-support, Antoine is disappointed and seeks out Sabine, a vinyl seller with whom he is having an affair.